Taking Care of Personal Development for our FEGGA Students at Kristianstad’s

Source: FEGGA

One responsibility that FEGGA has to its Scholarship Students at Kristianstad’s Golf Cub is delivering education content on Personal Development. This is a key area of any Course Managers career development and without these core components you are always risking not having the key skills needed to carry out your professional duties. Its also important to assess yourself and avoid the best you can and therefor putting yourself in the best position possible to manage stress which comes with this position of responsibility.

FEGGA is proud to work with Frank Newberry, a person that FEGGA has worked with for many years, and someone that has a wealth of knowledge of helping and supporting greenkeepers educational needs in all aspects of their personal development.

Recently Frank Newberry spent two very full days focusing on all aspects of their personal development. Together he focused on the understanding and perfecting of their CVs (Resume). They were able to spend time looking how best to be proactive in their Job Searching and writing good cover letters and getting to understand how Interviewers get the right person. So when you have got that sought after interview and the focus turns to doing Well at that Job Interview. The students were able to practice that interview through a very structured role play situation, which is always putting them out of their comfort zone but with some fun incorporated to ease the pressure of the situation.

Negotiating Skills also form part of this session and through a structured Session were able to learn and practice all aspects of negotiating, following which everyone was able to review their newfound skills.

Day two, looked at survival and success at golf club Meetings. This again took on the format of role play. Learning how to present to your board or committee, how to react to difficult people and situations, even where to sit to feel comfortable and to maximise your input into the meeting. These are all part of becoming a better communicator, which is one of the most important skills a Course Manager needs to perform and survive at the highest level.

The feedback we got from the students was excellent, not only did their awareness grow in understanding the need and knowledge of these skills, but they also enjoyed the experience, which is what we work hard to achieve during the two days.

Hopefully they are now better equipped when taking their next career steps when graduating from the FEGGA Programme in October.

Photo: From Left to Right: Luis Miguel Bustamante (Spain), Drazen Surbek (Croatia), Gilles Parmentier (Belgium), Kristian Kouhia (Finland), Frank Newberry, Rocio Alvear (Spain), Nils Nilsson (Sweden)